What we'll see in shoes for 2019!


Straps and buckles are the trend to chase during the warmer weather this year! Your gorgeous toe nail polish won't be the main focus with this year's line of open toe jaw droppers! The bright colors and high shine finish of the sandals, flats platforms and slides will catch every eye, and if they don't the beads, feathers and metal detailing will.

Ankle adornments in beads, bows and ties rival the shoe and your toes for all the attention!


For toe covering occasions, we will see a long pointed toe or super square, as well as a variety of heel heights and styles. Block heels, kitten heels, stilettos, geometric shapes, and our favorite... a mid shank heel! This design gives you the height of a stiletto and the stability of a wedge - we think it is marvelous!

In boots we will see all the same adornments as the warm weather shoes and the closed toe, long point. Boot height varies but mostly just above ankle or upper calf, with a few above the knees thrown in. Comfort is also back in style with this year's trending boots as they are designed to be loose around the leg!