5 Food Tricks To Trim Your Waistline

Try these 5 tips to help you get more out of what you eat and your figure might benefit too!

Before you eat stop to breath and drink some water

Check in with yourself to make sure you are actually hungry. The breath will help you break from an emotion driven eating and the water will help back the hungry signal off for a few moments so you can assess your actual hunger level and serve up food accordingly.

Go for distraction free enjoyment

Eating is one of the most enjoyable tings we do, or should be. So put your electronics away in a different room (yes even your phone) and turn off the TV (you don't have to move it to a different room). Before you put anything in your mouth smell your food and make sure it is what you want to be eating. Stuffing something in your mouth that you don't really want to eat because it is convenient will not be satisfying.

Actually chew

Back when we weren't all in so much of a hurry, eating was primarily a social thing. We used to talk then chew a bit, then talk and chew a bit more. Vacuuming your food in can not only cause indigestion and gas, but it can also leave you feeling unsatisfied and eating more later.

Stop halfway Once you have made it this far through your meal, put down your utensils and have some more water. Decide if you are still hungry and if what you are eating tastes good . Before jumping back in to chewing slowly, take another deep breath.

Experience the pleasure Notice the look and smell of what you are eating. How is the texture in your mouth? Do the flavors change as you chew?

How does it settle in your stomach? Also notice the chair you are sitting in and if it is comfortable and if the setting where you are is beautiful. Experiment with mixing flavors and changing the place, comfort, look and feel of the places where you eat to discovering what makes eating one of the most enjoyable things you do every day!