Statement Sunglasses

This season of fun in the sun brings with it the opportunity to add a dramatic accessory; sunglasses. This year will be full of several fun frame styles!


Don't be fooled into thinking that this timeless favorite is only inclusive of one style...aviator styles are vast and varied! You could find a stocky pair with will accent your cheek bones, a brown tint instead of the traditional reflective lens, a round lens, no brow bar or a modern take on the end piece, hinge or arm designs! Find a pair as unique as you are!


This fun shape can be found in many frame colors, thicknesses and styles. Find a modern tortoise shell pattern to keep your look fresh! A curved brow pair will add some youthful fun and a pointy pair will bring back the 60's! Whichever shape or color you choose, cat-eye sunglasses are perfect for summer mischief!


Geometric shapes in apparel and accessories are super trendy this season, so mix your colorblock outfits with round lens shades for a pop of unpredictability or add square lenses to your floral looks. Mix and match other accessories to off set the extreme shapes to make perfect fashion harmony!