Create Spring Indoors

If April showers have you feeling down here are a few ways you can add some pick me up at home!

The best way to effect the look and field of your space is with a statement piece. Add a large, bright, free standing piece of decor such as a 3 panel screen. If you already have one, or something similar in size and shape, do a quick paint or reupholstering DIY. You can use bright floral sheets or curtains to change the texture of the fabric too, not just the color and pattern.

Place a few brightly colored statement ceramics in your larger spaces. If you already have some, pull different pieces from your cabinets and closets and swap them for the items that had been on display. Floral patterns, fruits and vegetables all represent the growing season of the year, so mix and match.

Use unexpected pieces as flower vases. For example, save different color glass bottles after you've entered their contents (like wine bottle) and remove the labels. Or empty the last bits of candle wax from that glass votive and use it.

Rearrange books into different color blocks and patterns, place them in different spots. The same goes for photos. You can print new ones and swap photos and frames to freshen things up. You can also move throw pillows and blankets from one room to the next and mix and math the colors, shapes and patterns.

Use some of these ideas and you will feel the joy of spring in side no matter what the weather is outside!