Do You Look Older Than You Are?

It is easier and less expensive than you think to blow off what makes you seem older than you are!

Most of us have our daily routines that we sometime shake up on the weekend or vacation. Routines can turn in to ruts if we aren't careful. And ruts can make you seem older than you are because you can appear tired and dated.

Make It Up

Cosmetic routine ruts seem to be one of the biggest offenders, we aren't advocating changing your look every time a trend changes but there are a few staples you can change that will update your look to something more fresh. Try a different type of foundation, if you always use cream, switch to powder or liquid and vice versa. Pick a different shade of blush or eye shadow, liner or mascara. You don;t have to change them all, just one or two. Lip color changes can make a big difference and that requires the least amount of effort and change.

Change It Up

We know you love those comfy wardrobe staple pieces and we want you to keep wearing them! Pair them with new accessories and layers to change the overall style of your outfits.

Move Around

Going to the same places can also keep you in a run and sap the excitement from your life. Go to a different coffee shop, gas station or lunch spot. This will also effect change in your diet. A boring diet can lead to a lack of varied nutrients which can affect your appearance too. Change your exercise routines and hobbies, these will breathe new life into your body posture, skin and outlook!