Freshen Up Your Bedroom

Use these quick and easy tricks to freshen up your bedroom for spring and summer!

Oh what just one wall can do! Change the color or wall paper paint on one accent wall! You can paint over existing paint or even over existing wallpaper! Or add wall paper cubes for a quick and easy change in your bedroom look and feel! For a less dramatic and lower effort version, paint or wall paper your door, or do the door in addition to the accent wall to extend the effect across the room!

Swap linens from other rooms! Change throw pillows and blankets by rotating those you already have from another room (or from the closet/storage), or buy new to go with your fabulous accent wall! Most importantly mix sizes, shapes and colors!

Hang a tapestry or switch wall art from another room! You can even place new photos in existing frames for a surprisingly fresh look. Blend with mirrors (or unblend if you already are) to further change the look of your room. Again, mix sizes shapes and colors for the full effect of mixing it up!

Rotate plants from other rooms or add new ones! As long as you can still reach them for watering and they are getting enough light to survive, you will be surprised how w plant mix up will change the look and feel of your place.

Use objects from around the house but puling display items from the cabinets, closets and other rooms and concentrate them in your bedroom. You probably already have an establish color scheme in each room, so simply moving those color schemes between rooms or combining them will give you the newly designed feel you seek!

The most clever trick of all is to turn storage into decor! Find open storage solutions for shoes, bags and acccessories so instead of hiding them away behind close doors you can enjoy your incredible fashion sens every day!