4 Tricks to Improve Your Complexion

These four quick and easy tips will have you feeling better about your complexion in no time!

1) Drink water - more water, more than that and then some more! Have you tired drinking your full 8 cups of water everyday? Many study estimate that 30-50% of the population is under hydrated. Drinking more water at regular intervals will help your body process impurities out of your system sooner, which will benefit your skin (think of the difference between a clean mirror and a dirty one...the 'dirty mirror' is your complexion without enough water.....your face can't reflect light as well and is less clear).

2) Get consistent and enough sleep. Your body repairs itself while you are sleeping at night, so not only to get the number of hours of sleep your body needs but also at the right time of day that syncs naturally with you body rhythm.

3) Use light weight cosmetics with skin care ingredients. Do you carry your skin care products with you all day and reapply it every several hours? You do if your cosmetics have skin care ingredients! Adding nutrients to your face (instead of fillers and dyes) will help nourish your skin and give you the look you want. Take the time to find quality cosmetics that will help improve your complexion rather than cover it up of make it worse.

4) Use a face roller and Gua Sha scrapping tool. What part of our body doesn't benefit from being massaged, why would our face be any different? But this doesn't have to be a long involved or scary/painful experience! As long as you use the tools gently and in the right way, you can use them to improve your complexion and slow the signs of aging. We recommend you try this one. A scrapping tool can lift your face by relaxing the muscles that form fine lines from repeated use. A roller can specifically help get your moisturizing or special care products into the cells. Both can help encourage lymphatic drainage by manually pressuring the individual lymph nodes to release any toxins they are storing.

It is very important to drink more water if you are using a face roller and/or scrapping tool!