How to Care for Summer Damaged Hair

Worry for the health of your hair should inhibit your sun and fun this summer! Use these ideas to help repair some of the summer damage!

It may sound counter intuitive to use a silk pillow case to help ward of further damage from your hair, but the soft smooth texture of this fabric can help keep your hair smooth while you sleep = less fraying and less breakage!

The air is warm enough on its own this season, so skip the blow drying and put your hair in an updo or braid while it dries to have all day texture, without the styling damage. Don't pull you updo too tight though, that will lead to more breakage. Having your hair up can help prevent over brushing, one of the main causes of hair stretching and breaking!

Heat can do damage whether it is air or water, so cut those warm showers short for your hair or switch to cold water if you dare! Shortening your showers should help you shorten your shampooing too! Over shampooing can cause major damage to your main, including dry shampoo.