5 Fragrant Plants to Freshen Your Home

Add these beautiful plants to your home to improve your living space!

1) Scented geraniums will knock your socks (smell) off! Although geraniums are well known for their fuzzy foliage and variety of leaf shapes, did you know that with this versatile plant you can custom pick your smells too?! Choose from rose, lemon, lime, nutmeg, ginger, or chocolate scents, just to name a few!

2) Eucalyptus may not be thought of as a house plant, but it is an easy to grow tree with a big fragrance and has beautiful blue/gray foliage.

3) Orange jessamine smells like orange blossoms when ti flowers but even without flowers, this plant has perky bright green leaves.

4) Cuban Oregano is a big-leafed plant with a distinct spicy aroma and you can cook with the leaves too! It's an easy to grow relative as long as it gets enough light and warmth. Brush brush the fuzzy green leaves to release their strong scent.

5) Hoyas are easy to grow vines, many feature waxy, sweetly scented pink or white flowers. Their glossy, dark green leaves are attractive even when the plants aren't in bloom.