3 Things Every Woman Should Know About Sunscreen

Sunscreen has more going for it than preventing a painful burn or skin caner!

1) It is one of the most effective anti-aging strategies you can use, especially when incorporated into your daily skin care routine. Skin exposure to direct sun rays can cause the breakdown of healthy cells into free radicals - think of these as a personal tornado for your cells...they whirl around pulling, pushing and smashing everything in their way. The more free radicals, the quicker you age. By preventing the development of free radicals through direct sun ray exposure, you are protecting the health and longevity of your cells that will keep you looking young!

By incorporating moisturizers and foundations that have an SPF of 50 into your daily skin care routine - your skin has time to absorb the beneficial properties of sunscreen before getting long exposure to the sun. If you worry about having to reapply you foundation and redo all your makeup, don't! Buy a broad-spectrum powder mineral based sunscreen that you can brush on over your makeup. They are more convenient to carry and won't leak all over your bag!

2) It can help clear up acne. Applying sunscreen to protect your face from free radicals can reduce inflammation, decreasing redness, bumps, clogs and sensitivity. The SPF can also help prevent scaring from acne and other conditions to give you a more clear complexion. Look to moisturizers and foundations with SPF 50 to incorporate into your daily skin care routine, as well as broad-spectrum powder mineral based sunscreen to carry with you and help address the look of oil skin throughout the day too.

3) It can protect you in ways that hats, umbrellas and clothes can not. Sitting under an umbrella, wearing a sunhat and clothes to cover your skin when you will be in direct sunlight only provides part of the protection you need. Umbrellas often do have UVA or UVB blocking properties - yes your skin will still be subject to UV rays through the umbrella fabric, and the same is true with hats and clothing that aren't designed as sun-protective gear. In fact, the average SPF of clothing is a 7, we need 50 at least 50! Look for specifically sun-protective gear and also wear sunscreen if you are going to be in the sun much longer than 20 minutes.