Home DIY Projects to Create a Spectacular Space

These creative DIY changes to your decor will breathe new life into your home for the season!

New Centerpiece:

If you need a new center piece, grab different size, patterned and colored ceramic plates and candle holders from your cabinets. Place the largest plate where you want the center piece, then place a candle holder in the center of the plate. Now stack the next largest plate on top of the candle holder, and then another candle holder int he center of the second plate. Repeat one more time and you have a unique to use multi-tired serving or display center piece! If you like the look you can glue in place, if you want to be able to change it up, just make sure your stack is stable before walking away!

Lighting Make Over:

Tear the old fabric or paper away from your old lamp shades to expose the wire frame. Use a spray paint to change the color if you don't like the look of the exposed wire. Hang jewelry and non-flammable items on the lamp shade wire frame.

Gallery Wall Revamp:

If you have one, take everything down and start but pulling all the pictures out from their existing frames. (Whether or not you have one already) Lay out all the mirrors, frames, pictures and images you think you might want to use and start to pair a picture or image with a frame and then put that pair with another mirror or frame. Continue pairing and grouping until you have a few groups of 4-6 pieces. Plan the position fo those groups on the wall and start mounting! Try to make use of existing nail holes so you don't have to cause so much damage to the wall. Consider adding an unexpected brooch to the mix or other unexpected piece of jewelry, industrial artifact or hardware.

Fresh Furniture:

Mix and match different textiles from other rooms by swapping blankets, pillows and other fabrics around the house (use a big scarf in place of a throw even).

Change the knobs on existing furniture and if you are super crafty, mix and match furniture remnants like table tops and chair legs!

New Displays:

Add unexpected pieces in with the norm, items like industrial artifacts (old springs, signs, locks tools) or bathroom/kitchen trays, serving trays. Use candles, candle holders, books and vases to calm the chaos of the unexpected!