Signs of Heat Exhaustion and What To Do

Anyone can suffer from heat exhaustion, it isn't always caused from direct sun, air temperatures can over heat people too.

Heat exhaustion comes on just like the feeling of sitting in a hot tub, sauna or hot shower too long. You suddenly realize you are passed the point of relaxed and feeling weak and lethargic. It can feel hard to breathe, think or focus.

These are signs that your body is no longer able to regulate its temperature appropriately. Once you realize this is how you are feeling,even to the slightest degree, get out of the source of heat immediately. Try to cool your body temperature off using direct air, air conditioning and drinking or dowsing your skin with cold water.

Other signs of heat illness can continue to develop even after you are out of the sun and hot air. Stomach cramping, nausea and headaches can come one.

Drink electrolytes, not just water. If eating is an option, eat something with a bit of salt and a bit of sugar to give your body immediate resources.

If you feel dizzy or lightheaded light you want to sit or lay down, do so slowly and careful and in a cool spot. Elevate your legs at least 12 inches above your heart to help improve your circulation.

You may also experience chills, goosebumps or cold, clammy skin. Resist the urge to bundle up, this will put a bigger demand on your body. Instead choose a light covering like a sheet or small throw blanket for comfort.

If symptoms do not decrease quickly, call for medical assitance.