One Change to Lose Weight, Slow Aging and Be Smarter

If you could make one change in your day that had these four amazing benefits and a few others, would you?

I know it sounds too good to be true but all these benefits come from one thing; being properly hydrated with water. Just 64 ounces a day can do all this for you and more!

When you are 1% dehydrated, your body restricts blood flow to non-vital organs and slows metabolism, if you are more dehydrated than that, the body restricts blood flow to critical organs like your brain and kidneys.

How does drinking enough water help me Lose Weight?

Being dehydrated can make you eat more - who wants to eat salad when you are craving not only more food but sugar too! Low hydration can cause increased bacteria in your mouth, which signals your body to eat to generate saliva. It can also cause your body to demand sugar in an attempt to get easy to metabolize glycogen.

Being dehydrated can make you feel bad - who wants to exercise when you are tired, constipated and having muscle cramps? Low hydration can cause slow metabolism so you don't have the energy you need to get through your day. Plus your muscles won;t be getting the resources they need to function or recover properly. Plus, your kidneys can't process impurities out of your system so you carry the extra weight of unprocessed food in your bowel because you can't poop.

But that's not all, an increased metabolism will burn more calories in a day by default and functioning kidneys will not only process food out of your body but also impurities from your blood stream by the lymphatic system - keeping you from getting sick when you otherwise might.

How is water Anti-Aging?

Being hydrated will help calm inflammation which can cause splotches and discoloration on the skin. Hydrated sells can also repair more quickly, which can lessen wrinkles, creases and scaring.

How does drinking enough water help me Be Smarter?

Being dehydrated restricts blood flow to your brain, causing headaches, lightheadedness, confusion and irritability. Simple drinking water can ease these symptoms making you not only smarter but happier too!