Need Neat Feet But Have Zero Time for a Pedicure - Try This!

Have you found yourself with a sudden need or desire to wear shoes wear your toes are showing but your feet are showing their neglect? Try these tricks to get your toes prep'd for freedom in a few short minutes!

The simplest things to do is decide if you can go bare - no polish. If you are comfortable with no color, your toes need the care that your polished nails used to distract from. First, remove the color and clear coats that were there - all of it. If your nails are stained or a yellow hue because of the polish, either buff the nail down until it is natural color again or use a combination of lemon juice and toothpaste and scrub the nails with a scrubbing brush. Rinse (whether you buff or scrub) and finish with lotion and a clear cote of nail strengthener.

If you don't want to bare it all, use a layer of clear or slightly tinted polish that matches the existing color to fill in any chips. If it is possible to trim the tips off without making the polish look worse, this can give your toes an instant 'fresh' look.