3 Habits to Help You Be Happier

Things we all know but forget to apply :)

Live in the moment. Such a simple phrase but a difficult task. Living in the moment can help you experience the world more full which can help you stop dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. Living in the moment draws on all of your senses and connection to those around you at the time. It means tuning into your body and listening to yourself and it feels to be you...every minute of every day.

Grow relationships. This applies to all types; romantic, familial, friendships, professional, community, spiritual. Relationships are always either growing or deteriorating and require some upkeep. Having growing relationships can help you feel connected and having a support system is a critical factor in human happiness. Now would be a great time to break from reading this article and reach out to a person with whom you have a relationship that need some growth (but come back for the third habit!)

Check out of being online. In our over-tech connected world, people feel lonelier than ever. Rather than be on your phone, laptop or TV, spend sometime with yourself (try living in the moment) or someone else (try growing a relationship). If you find unplugging difficult try a tech fast where you commit to lock away your devices for a period of time and get away from them until the joy of being unplugged drives you to do it naturally.