4 DIY Natural Air Fresheners

If you are not fond of chemically air freshener smells, try these DIY natural air fresheners!

Citrus All Over

Take a Citrus infused vodka, add distilled water and some citrus essential oil of your choosing, combine into a spray bottle, and spray in the air! Experiment with the ratios until you get the fragrance you like the most!

Fragrance for the Car

Get some small wool felt balls, sew them together with elastic thread, drip a few drops of your favorite essential oil on each ball and hang around your rear view mirror! Add more essential oils when the fragrance starts to fade.

Lavender and Baking Soda

Find a small jar or votive candle holder, add enough baking soda to almost fill your jar or holder, drop in as much lavender as you like, mix and done! Change after a month.

Holiday Heaven

Fill your crock pot half way with water and sprinkle in cinnamon, cloves and pumpkin pie spices int he ration and strength for the fragrance you desire! Turn the slow cooker on low! Redo when you run out of water!