4 Things To Throw Out To Feel Better

We all have things we keep, we might need them someday. But throwing away this four things will help you fell less cluttered and more organized.

1) Past issues of magazines. They take up space and collect dust. Let's be honest, when was the last time you flipped through them. If you are keeping them for specific content, tear those pages out and set a deadline to get to the content or toss; discard the rest right away. If you enjoy having magazines around, subscriptions are very cheap these days and you can have fresh ones come every month!

2) Cook books you don't use. Just like magazines, these sit around waiting for us to get to that recipe that sounded amazing. Ultimately, they just become a stack of things we need to get to, and our subconscious knows they are there. Treat these like the magazines, tear out or copy the 'amazing' recipe(s) and set a deadline to get to the recipes or toss them and throw out the rest right away.

3) Old cards and wrapping paper. Unless they have incredible sentimental value, throw these out. Many of them are outdated and can be a way to anchor us to our past instead of moving on and looking forward to new and exciting decorations, memories and gift giving.

4) Pesticides, old paint and other chemicals you don't use. These should be thrown out after not using them for a year. Yes, you may find yourself needing - three years later - that paint color or plumber's putty, but by then the quality of the product will have degraded and may become more toxic than it already is. Having chemicals stored and unused can be dangerous and unhealthy.