5 Laundry Tricks To Help Your Clothes Last

Try these 5 tricks to get more life an longevity out of your clothing!

1) Remove 'sharp' objects: Pins, buckles, zippers, hooks, velcro and ties can all catch, snag, tear, pull and damage fabric. Before you toss your items into the machine, make sure that all the buttons, zips and other fasteners are all closed (except for collard button front shirts - leaving them buttoned can damage the structure of the collar). For items with fasteners exposed when they are clipped (like for bras), place them in a mesh bag and then into the washing machine.

2) Undo and empty: Unroll sleeves, pant legs and socks and empty all pockets. Imagine a red lipstick that was left in your favorite white denim skirt melting all over it, and everything else you had with it in the machine! These simple step only takes a few seconds and can seriously save you from a nightmare load.

3) Invert everything: Turn everything inside out to prevent fibers from rubbing on one another and causing premature wear spots or piling. This may also help with color transfer from jeans.

4) Mend tears and open seams: Leaving a loose or open seam or tear unmended and putting it through the wash will add to the damage. Sewing up and closing of loose threads, seams and tears can prevent the damaged item from getting worse.

5) Presoak: Heavily soiled, stained or odoriferous items should be pre-soaked before going in to the laundry. This can help make sure the items come clean with the first washing an can inhibit the stain from finding another piece of clothing in the load to rest on.

Photo created by pressfoto