Unique Framing Ideas to Update Your Decor

Here are some affordable new ideas to help you freshen your decor!

As our cover photo shows, get your hands on some large paint color sample cards from the hardware store. Find photos you love and print them as black and white images onto the paint chip cards! Frame them in groups or individually!

You can also do your own pressed botanicals! Find leaves that you like (they have a bit less moisture than flowers so don't usually brown as much), press them between two sheets of wax paper and store them in the middle of a heavy book for a week or until dry. Remove the wax paper and glue to colored paper and frame!

Use left over bits of wrapping paper and wallpaper to introduce unique patters, colors and textures. Frame them together or separately for your perfect look.

You can also use a combination of sketches, vintage ads, retro food labels, post cards, vintage ads and book jackets!

Photo from Better Homes and Gardens