Take Control Back from Anxiety

Anxiety has been creeping into our lives. It always has but this year is different.

We all know that anxiety can be brought on by intense situations or difficult life transitions both good and bad. But anxiety can also gain ground like aging does - one small and persistent bit every day for a prolonged period.

Earlier this year we were shocked by the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic and now, months later, are having to cope with the reality of how our daily lives have changed as a result. It seems that the arrival of the pandemic and its persistence continues to present new difficulties that may seem like small difficulties, but at some point, enough small difficulties become a big problem!

By chipping away at small challenges we hope you can take back your life from the grip of anxiety! Here are some ideas:

Sleep - we know, we can feel the eye roll. How can we sleep when we are too anxious to sleep? It is important that where you sleep feels safe and comfortable and is somewhere you want to be. Do what you need to achieve that, like make sure to add plush linens, pretty decor and anything that contributes to your desire to be in that area and relaxing.

Indulge - we know it can feel wrong to indulge in some dark chocolate, a bath or any other little pleasures when you are too anxious to fully enjoy them. But you need to start somewhere. Try to focus your full attention on your indulgence and try different and new things. Try eating foods that help reduce anxiety like avocado, citrus, oats and chamomile tea.

Relaxed Motion/Light Exercise - It can feel good to have an all out workout to the point of exhaustion when you are anxious, but working out to the point of fatigue may not be the best way to diminish persistent anxiety. Instead try a leisurely stroll or some stretching, give yourself a break. This doesn't mean you are slacking off or ignoring the problem but moving your body while you are relaxed can be a great way to move the anxiety out (instead of intensifying it with a hard workout).

We hope that after a bit of this self care you find that you are a bit more relaxed than you were, and that is a good thing!