5 Entertaining (& Socially Distanced) Things To Do this Fall

1) Start your DIY Christmas gifts now! We know, it feels early - but when you wait it always feels too late!

2) Update your home decor to reflect the season! You can gather pretty leaves and create beautiful displays, wreathes or preserve them. For ideas on fall display containers see our blog post "Simple Decor DIYs with Big Impact"

3) Have Stalloween (Stay At Home Halloween). Get dressed up, have candy, watch spooky moves and be sure to take pictures or video stream with others to have a group Stalloween!

4) Have a mini-harvest. Take a cute (big) tote or basket with you to harvest these delicious pick-ready crops: pumpkins, beets, apples, carrots and tomatoes!

5) Rotate your wardrobe to warmer wear. Break out those cozy sweatpants and fleece (or shop for new ones)! It's time to put away the shorts and tees.