Fashion Week(s) Kick Off!

We are midway through fashion week madness, just wrapping up in New York City and one fashion trend is stomping down the runway: Feminine and Strong!

Super Girl Power

There is an abundance of layers of ruffles, tulle and fur fluttering on the models this year. The girled up look isn't one dimensional though, the fabrics are soft, the colors are light and also bright but the lines are structured and over the top. So far, Victor and Rolf have embodied feminine and strong look, unquestionably, with their over sized memes announcing bold statements like "I'm not shy, I just don't like you" as the statement piece on white, wide bottomed, bell shaped dress with puffy sleeves.

Subtle Strength and Beauty

This look is distinctly different in expression from 'super girl power' but the message is the same: I am woman, hear me roar. Toned down and monochrome paired earth tones are the staple of this expression. The look is anything but boring, it is coupled with flowing fabrics and no b.s. lines of a military uniform. The result is a smart, pretty and practical expression of power and beauty. This is a trend we are excited to watch unfold in the remaining days of fashion week!