Happiness Boosting Hacks!

We've definitely been feeling the blues and have been more sluggish since the pandemic came along and we are tired of it (haha). Here are a few hacks to help jump your mood out of the blue and into happier healthier days!

Start a gratitude journal - really. We mean really do it. Yes this idea involves primarily sitting but it will also shift your focus to more positive things and every day experiences that are more enjoyable than you may have realized while they were happening. By focusing more on positive, enjoyable experiences your brain will get a boost that will help you feel better. This one can have a waterfall effect, where you experience more joy regularly, if you write in your gratitude journal daily.

Put a bit of extra effort toward those relationships that may have become distanced this year. We know that sounds daunting right now, but start small... send a text or email just because and include something you like about that person or the relationship. Maybe work up to sending an actual card (you could even make it yourself). If words aren't your strong suit send a small gift just because. If time of the phone is easiest, get to dialing ;) For the biggest boost though, have a video chat so you can be face to face, eye contact is important (we know this is hard over video because one person has to look into the camera for the other person to feel eye contact when looking at their screen (but you could alternate doing this)!

Get out of your head. We're not sure what this one will mean to you but for us it means: playing music while working to break up the silence (and stopping to dance when a good song comes on), watching a movie or show that is totally engulfing (where you don't want to be disturbed because it is so good), scrubbing (there is no happiness like cleanliness for some of us. The list can go on and on, but the main point is do something that occupies your brain so it doesn't have you locked in a negativity cycle.