How To Not Feel Slouchy Staying Home So Much

Our natural rhythms for fall and winter include slowing down, staying in and being cozy. But on the heels of a spring and summer already spent staying in and therefore a forced slow down, continuing to do the same can make us feel slouchy, depressed, negative, and a whole boat load of other negative things. Here are a few simple things to help you avoid the dull drums when staying in:

1) Get dressed. We should say shower and get dressed... or even better take a bath and get dressed! There's nothing like being in pajamas for days to make you feel like you would if you were sick - yuk! Make sure to get dressed, every day - except the days you want to be in winter mode slouch!

2) Wear your nice clothes - preferably the brightly colored ones. Don't just throw on the same outfit you would wear to paint the house (or lay sick on the couch), wear a nice outfit - perhaps a new one! Dressing up can add a bit of energy and spring in your step, just because no one but the people in your home are going to see you doesn't mean you need to look your worst.

3) Put on make up. We know this can feel burdensome if you aren't going out, but having full face (and hair) can make you feel more whole and accomplished - if you don't do it every day. And we would add, wear a nice accessory. One that you don't wear that often because it only goes with one or two outfits, or one that means something special so you don;t wear it much to preserve it.