Want to Up Your Look Without Paying the Price?

There is a lot of satisfaction in finding one or two new wardrobe pieces that breathe new life into your closet! But even more so if those pieces are affordable, unique and good for the environment! We are talking about secondhand shopping and renting fashion!

Fashion has joined the sharing economy with the secondhand and rental trend. The old stigma of buying secondhand and renting fashion pieces is waning and the fresh perspective of being smart with your money, helping the planet and being the only one styled like you is blooming!


The value in buying secondhand can be found not only in the bank account but also in the experience. The one that thrills us the most is the endless stream of new pieces every few minutes to browse! The second hand sites like Poshmark, Depop and ThredUp can be refreshed every few minutes and a entire new wardrobe appears for your perusal!

The other exciting part of the experience is the hunt for that one piece you haven't been able to find but you know is out there....and when you do find it, you will be the rare person who owns that piece!

There is also a social aspect to the online secondhand sharing experience that is often overlooked. For sites like Poshmark and Depop, you get to know a bit about the others who are participating in the trend based on things that wow you. You can build trust and report with the people you buy from and sell to - you know you will get a high quality product at a reasonable price.

Buying secondhand is best if you are looking for statement pieces to fall in love with and own for decades to come, or wardrobe essentials you will wear often.


Renting is best for something that you will probably only wear once like pieces that you only need for a specific event. This is what celebrities do....they borrow dresses, accessories and jewelry for events, not buy them.

What if you want to a new look and aren't sure if it will stick? You can rent an entire box of new pieces to try without having to worry about returns. Adding a pop of color or lines that are seasonal or occasional are a great way to take advantage of the fashion rental too.

If this exciting new trend makes you want to take a closer look, checkout some of our favorites:

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