Stay Ahead of the Winter Blues

With winter fast approaching, its time to start setting yourself up for an enjoyable season - even with more time indoors. Good planning can help keep the winter blues at bay!

Brighten up!

We're not simply talking about turning more lights on in your home or turning them up brighter, light enters your consciousness in many different ways!

  • Find a few brightly colored winter appropriate piece of clothing you can alternate in your wardrobe like layered tops or pants.

  • Add a brightly colored purse, scarf, hat or jewelry that makes you smile.

  • Brighten up your makeup - cross a summer look with winter to draw on both seasons.

  • Winter is the perfect time to start an indoor garden, (grow lights included) either sprouting seeds to plant after the last frost passes or to keep inside year round! The freshness of a growing plant will keep you perked up too!

Up Your Health!

Being healthy isn't all about looking good, it's also about feeling better and having a good sense of well being.

  • Eat lighter foods that give energy instead of comfort foods that weigh you down, Include a lot of colorful foods in your meals to keep the brightness of the day going!

  • Get into an exercise routine that you will keep going on even when the weather is challenging you not to leave the house. Learn to adapt your current routine so you can still get a good workout in your home.

  • Dart outside when there is a break in the weather and the temperatures are tolerable - only if it is to get the mail, walk around the block, or stare at the sky and breathe.

Get Excited!

Excitement is easy to find, you juts have to look in places you haven't before.

  • Try something new, like volunteering in your community

  • Pick a new hobby that will hold your attention or dig deeper into one you already love.

  • Join or start a book club and have several books lined up to read during indoor days.

  • Try a new genre of movie or search online for "best of" lists and challenge yourself to watch the movies you haven't yet seen.