Resolution Dissolution

Over 50% of Americans resolved this week to diet/eat healthier (71%), exercise more (65%) and lose weight (54%). In one more week 80% of people will face disillusionment that they have failed to achieve their resolutions.

Beyond the Numbers

All 3 of the top resolutions this year have to do with having a better quality of life when you get down to the bottom line. We want to look better, feel better, be happier, live a longer life, be able to do more. We apparently feel that our habits around food and exercise are major players in pursuing these things. But in a Country where produce is abundant and so are opportunities to exercise in all manners, why don't we already have better habits? In short, it's easier not to.

Eating healthier takes more effort; more trips to the grocery store because fresh food spoils more quickly and more preparation because raw foods generally taste better when combined and flavors mix over time. Not o mention many organic options are still more expensive and many fresh food items do not travel well to work or school.

Exercise takes more effort; a body at rest wants to stay at rest, so when you want to start an exercise routine your body will resist (especially if you over do it the first few times). Start walking 20 minutes every other day and you will find that if you push through the resistance (for 4-6 weeks) you will form a habit and your mind will have taught your body that it is henceforth walking 20 minutes every other day - no discussion.

If Only It Were That Easy

The internet abounds with recommendations on how to make your resolutions stick; everything from set clear small and track able goals, journal to get support. The best piece of advice we've found comes from an unexpected source that talks about what to do when all of the practical internet wisdom has failed - tackle it as a spiritual problem. UGH! The thought of having to dig around in your soul to be physically healthier is so off putting (that was our reaction too)! We think you will find that this advice given to someone who couldn't break the snooze button habit will be very helpful. Read the full article here.