Salvage your Beloved 'out for 2019' Crossbody Bags and Clutches

The cutting edge designers are sighting the end of the classic clutch and crossbody bags for 2019. But these bags are fun, practical and have become wardrobe staples! Here's how you update the look of your beloved bag and stay in style!

Crossbody Salvage

To save money (depending on the length of your crossbody strap and your waist/hips) you can wrap the strap around your body and wear it as an uber fashionable belt bag (never mind that they are just better looking fanny packs). If that won't work for your existing strap, try a strap from one of your other pieces! You can latch multiple straps together, twists them braid them, create all the chaos you want! If you have a scarf long enough that you can reliably secure, try using it, or several of them the same way!

If those solutions don't work, crossbody straps are widely available and can be reasonably priced. Buy straps that are a different color from the bag itself, maybe a bold color if the bag is muted and vice versa. Multiple straps on the same bag can also be very fashionable. Depending on the material and thickness of you straps, you could braid or twist them before wrapping them around your body to give custom flair to this clever solution!

Clutch Salvage

Again we rely on the ever handy scarf to add some style to our piece! If you have a small lightweight scarf and a clutch that can accommodate an opening for it or it's thickness in a closure (this is hard to do with zip closures) , place the scarf at one end of the clutch and let it casually hang out the end. You may also do the same with a long necklace, that will look like a chain for your clutch. Try both together to mix things up! Add pins, broaches or other jewelry pieces for a one of a kind look!