Simple Decor DIYs with Big Impact!

Don't throw away those empty containers! Use them to change the decor in your house with these simple tricks:

Glass containers: Soap and water them clean, the pour in some paint surface conditioner (gets the glass ready for the paint), then turn the container to coat all of the inside and pour any excess out. Let the container dry for an hour, then pour on enough paint\enamel to coat all of the inside. repeat turning the container to coat everything and then drain the excess. since paint is thicker than conditioner, leave the container upside down for two days, but in the first hour wipe away any excess paint that has pooled at the opening.

Plastic containers: Soap and water them clean and make sure they are totally dry. Print some photo decals and stick those on any side, in any configuration to make a collage or one central display picture. If you need to block out branding apply a blank white deal first and then your photo decal over it. Or for a basket weave type look you can glue gun rope around the container in rows to look like a jute bag or use a criss-cross weave pattern to look like a basket.

Boxes and Crates: Grab some ribbon and wrapping paper (or wallpaper if you have it) for the structured containers! You can use the wrapping paper to "wrap" the outside of the container like a present - use a few drops of glue on the corners to keep everything fitting well. Or with the ribbon, you can use a weave to achieve a wicker type look and even use alternate ribbon colors or patterns to add more color and interest to your piece.