Fashion and Function Happily Combined

We are extremely excited to announce the release of a new concept cosmetic case! The Space Maker Cosmetic Case is an innovative solution to every day makeup bag challenges and is brought to you exclusively by Chicken and Cow Life!

The unique design of the Space Maker Cosmetic Case is twofold; the shape and the unique diagonal zipper.

The Shape

We decided to shape the Space Maker Cosmetic Case more like a wine box (our source of inspiration) - The height and width are both 3.75 inches and the length is 14.5 inches, making it a long cosmetic case. These dimensions create an elongated box structure so it can accommodate and manage the various shapes and sizes of cosmetics and accessories. Most cosmetic cases have a loose structure... have you ever unzipped your bag just to have makeup spill out and fall on to the floor and shatter? The combination of the unique shape, material and manufacture of the Space Maker Cosmetic Case prevent this very problem! Plus the elongated shape fits mascara, liners, gloss and brushes better than a square shape (you could also fit a hair brush or two)!

The shape also includes the clever diagonal zipper! Keep reading for more detail!

The Diagonal Zipper

The diagonal zipper is specific to the Space Maker Cosmetic Case, allowing the bag to fully open and lay flat on a surface and still to maintain its structure. Since the case sits flat when open, you don;t have to worry about it falling over or products running away when you aren't looking! The unique location of the zipper also allows you partial access to you items without having to fully open the bag!

Developing the Space Maker Cosmetic Case was fun and exciting! We hope it eliminates the many frustrations you have with you current cosmetic bags!

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