Timeless Fashion Trend: The Scarf

Like shoes and bags, there is no such thing as too many scarves!

Scarves were all over the place during Fashion Week in the major cities this year! By its very nature, a scarf is one of the most versatile fashion accessories! It can be found in any color, size, shape and fabric! Although more important than these practical features is how you wear it. The way you wear your scarf plants you firmly on the fashion timeline!

The 2018-2019 Way to Wear a Scarf

As we saw in fall fashion week this year, scarves are very much en vogue! Aside from shirts, dresses and pants made from scarves, the the most popular mode d'scarf was wrapped at the neck.

Wrapped and Knotted

This style takes full advantage of the beauty of the entire scarf and can be worn with professional or casual attire - hold one end of the scarf about 12 inches away from your neck and start wrapping the other end behind your neck and around it. Keeping wrapping it until you have about 12 inches left. Bring the two ends of the scarf together and tie them in (almost) any knot. Veer away from the standard square knot or anything poofy for the latest trend. For colder weather use heavier fabrics like cashmere or wool, for warmer weather use lighter fabrics like cotton and silk.

Try Something New

Our favorite scarves can be found here and our favorite video for scarf wrapping ideas can be found here.

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